Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is dedicated to developing and commercializing naturally derived agricultural products that act in new ways to provide multiple benefits to farmers and other end users.

Our first range of products utilize Agriplier™ Technology, which is based on naturally derived compounds with new methods of action.

GGI has successfully refined the Agriplier™ Technology for integration into multiple seed treatment processes and for liquid application as a soil amendment. Agriplier™ products are water soluble and can be applied simultaneously with standard fertilizers, nutrients or crop protection products.

We are currently working with a limited number of industry partners and end-users to bring the Agriplier™ Technology to market, whether via the distribution of Agriplier™ products or by integrating Agriplier™ Technology into existing product offerings.

GGI has also recently developed a line of OMRI listed products which utilize the Agriplier™ Technology. These are being rolled out for ongoing trials with a small number of early adopters during 2013.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss joining our group of partners or to apply to trial the Agriplier™ products in order to observe their benefits first-hand.


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